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Create a free forum for your community.

What is a forum?

A forum is a public discussion, meeting place or program where people can exchange ideas and discuss issues. It can also refer to an online platform for exchanging messages and discussing particular subjects with other people at the same time.

benefit to create a forum.

Creating a forum on your website can provide numerous benefits, such as streamlining customer service operations, encouraging user retention online which drives sales, providing an interactive space for members to share constructive criticism and praise, strengthening connections with a wide group of people from all walks of life and helping businesses identify problems faster. Additionally, forums are great for SEO purposes as they allow users to search for specific topics or keywords related to the topic being discussed in the forum.

And What is about fabb?

Fabb stands for Fee application bulletin board, is a software that you can add to your website to create a relationship of trust or feedback between your customer and your brand.
Or simply to create a community around your vocation or your passion. To create a forum on your site, you have three choices in your hands.
The first choice: You must be a developer familiar with web development techniques to be able to create a forum.
The second choice: Recruit or hire a developer or a Freelancer to create the forum for you.
The third: use pre-coded and ready-to-use software (applications). And that’s where the choice becomes a bit difficult. Without going into the details and explanation of the third choice (which, how, why and etc.), which can confuse you even more, then let us introduce you and offer you a totally free PHP forum and opens-source that you can download for free, it allow you to create your forum easily without technical skills or computer knowledge.
The forum is free, comes with automatic installation. It is developed with the latest technologies used in the development of web applications, coupled with the DBMS (database management system) open-source MySQL.
The forum is used for personal purposes until 2017 on quite a lot of websites. Since then, the forum has been reprogrammed in its entirety using the CodeIgniter framework and became free open source (free software) Under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 of 29/06/2007 and made available to the public.

Click below to download a copy of your free forum php.
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Is there a fabb forum feature that I'm not aware of?

- Fast and light.
- Comes with fully automatic installation.
- Simple to use.
- Protection of members' email addresses.
- Coded with the Framework codeigniter.
- Easy to customize with detailed explanations.
- Connection to social networks.
- Flood, Xss and csrf security.
- Easily integrated into your website.
- instant notification system.
- Statistics in the administrator’s dashboard.
- Forum language in English/French.
- Integrates a monetization system.
- Actions are being translated for other languages.
- And many other options that we cannot list here.

What are the major options of the forum fabb.

rocket    Fast and traditional forum

As long as the habits and customs are known by everyone, then we keep them and respect them. Based on this principle we decided that the fabb model (free php forum) would be similar to most forums that you may have already seen on the web. In other words, that it is simple and familiar to everyone.
Fabb is very fast, with a unique cache system, able to speed up the loading of your pages in the blink of an eye.

setting    Customizable forum.

The administration pages are there to make life easier for the administrator, moderator and members. Each one and according to its level (rank) on the forum can customize and change what it wants according to the available options.
The administrator’s dashboard is ergonomically designed to make it even easier for him to follow up his forum.

bell    Forum supports Notifications

When someone quotes your message, we inform you. When someone answers to your topic, we inform you. When someone post a new... well, you guessed it.
An unparalleled notification system informs members of everything that happens around their activity within the community. Notifications are instantly sent to all pages. If the member is not logged in, he is notified by e-mail.

responsive    Forum Responsive

The fabb forum code is built to ensure that your forum looks great on any device. Your members will be pleased with this option which is not available on all forums. You can test the display quality of the fabb forum live, at the same time as you read these few lines. Make your browser window smaller by changing its size and see the quality of display by yourself.

money    Monetization of the forum

If you want to earn some money on the web, the fabb forum worthy of being a free php forum has an option that will allow you to perform this task, so do not let this chance pass by.
You can insert your affiliate link, banner link, adsence link or any other advertising link on your forum. You can find more information in your dashboard.

reseau    social networks

Social networks are there to help you communicate, share and develop your interest and vocation with your community. Give your fans access and folowers the way to follow you on these networks. On the fabb forum, it’s even easier, just add your link and the script will occupy the technical side. Your fans can now follow you with a simple click.

seo    Friendly search engine (seo)

URLs in fabb are designed to be both search engine and human-friendly by default. It employs a segment-based method.
Your url is not only directly visible in the address bar of your visitor’s browser, but it is also one of the first elements presented to search engines such as Google bot for example.
Ergonomic and human urls facilitate your indexing on the search engine.
Because SEO is very important for any website, fabb will guarantee you access to the first page of the major search engine. We take fabb optimization for search engines with an unequivocal seriousness.

Url not optimized seo
Url optimized seo

email marketing    The forum supports emailing

email marketing is a method of prospecting used by companies to promote their products or services.
Once a user signs up for your email list or subscribe to your content website, you have permission to engage a business relationship with them.
Based on the information provided by your subscribers and their past interaction with your brand, you can create segmented lists to send valuable and more relevant emails.
You are more likely to have better engagement and, as a result, more conversions when your emails are precisely crafted to match your subscribers' interests.
The reason why, we thought that will benefit both individuals and businesses to integrate a system for the broadcasting of promotional letters of a commercial nature. The email marketing system is managed by the administrator in the dashboard..

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