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Forum fabb is an open source web application (free software) under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE license version 3 of 06/29/2007 developed in php.
Facilitates the task of creating your own forum, intended for those who have no computer knowledge or for those who want a ready made product or if the expression allows plug & play.
fabb forum is a free php forum, it is developed with the latest technologies used in the develop web applications, coupled with the open source Mysql DBMS (database management system).
fabb forum was originally developed by faci abdelhafid, a versatile engineer, computer scientist, freelancer whose initials he keeps fa (his name) and bb for Bulletin Board.
fabb is officially made public in January 2020 under its first version 3.0.0
Some features of fabb forum are listed below :
A fast and light forum.
Simple and full automatic installation.
Discussion forum, private messages, simple and bulk mail.
Protecting members' email addresses from hunters without (WCL).
Extendable features coded widhin codeigniter framework.
Easily customizable.
Connecting with social networks.
Anti-flood security, xss and csrf.
Easily integrated into sites developed with codeigniter.
Instant notification system.
Statistics in the administrator's dashboard.
Forum language in French.
Actions are being translated for other languages.
And many more options.


Some options from fabb forum.

Major Options

fast and traditional

As long as accoutumances are known by everyone, then we respect them. On the basis principle that we have opted for the fabb model (free php forum) to be similar to most forums that maybe you've already seen on the web. In other words, it is simple and familiar to everyone.
Fabb is very fast, with a unique cache system, able to respond to your queries in the blink of an eye and even for dynamic pages, you won't feel any slowness.


The administration pages are there to make life easier for the administrator, moderator and members. Each one and according to its level (rank) on the forum can customize and modify what it wants depending on the options available.
The administrator's dashboard is scripted on a single page, all queries converge on one page. The administrator stays focused on his work not to search where the page is located or may be that page needs to be reloaded.


When someone quotes your message, we inform you. When someone answers or reply to your post, we let you know. When someone posts a new... Well, you guessed it.
An unrivalled notification system informs members of everything that is going around their activity in the community. Notifications are instantly sent across all pages. If the member is not connected, he is informed by email.


The fabb forum code is designed to show an excellent rendering of your forum on all devices. Members and users of the fabb forum will welcome this option, which is not available on all forums. This has the advantage of not breaking your head with the scrolls sometimes left and sometimes right.
You can test the display quality of the fabb forum live, at the same time as you read these few lines. Have your browser window reduced by changing its size and see the display quality by yourself.


If you want to earn some money on the web, fabb forum worthy of being a free php forum has option that will allow you to accomplish this task, so don't let that chance miss out.
You can insert your affiliate links, dropshiping, adsence or any other advertising link on your forum.
You can insert up to 03 types of banners that you'll find the details in the administrator's dashboard.

Social networks

Social networks are there to help you communicate, share and develop your interest and vocation with your community. Give your community, your fans and folowers access the way to follow you on these networks. On the fabb forum, it's even easier, just add your link and the script will take care of the technical side. Your fans can now follow you with a simple click.

Search engine optimization (seo)

Your url is not only directly visible in your visitor's browser address bar, but it is also one of the first items presented to search engines such as Google bot for example.
Ergonomic and human urls make it easier for you to index and therefore understand the subject covered in the pages of your website.
Here are 2 examples of Url with and without support of the friendly option SEO.

depreciated url :

optimized url:
make your choice.

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The fabb forum has so many options that we can't list them all in this brief description. We leave it to you to discover them for yourself.

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Help us build better fabb.

Fabb always will be 100% free and open-source under the GPL license. Fork it on GitHub and help make it better.

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Support fabb development

Help us pay for dedicated dev time and servers so that we can keep building. There's a lot to look forward to.



Make fabb your own.

Read the work-in-progress documentation and learn how to build extensions, themes, and language packs.

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